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What you'll need if your account does not pass our automated verification processes

As Bitbuy is a registered money service business in Canada, we require the 3 of the following 4 documents from you if your account does not pass our automated verification or Express Verification processes. 

Please Note:

  • We can only accept electronic documents, meaning the original e-bill/e-statement that is directly downloaded from your provider's website
  • The documents you provide us must be authentic, valid, and current, with no obstructions or modifications
  • The documents cannot be a screenshot or photo of a screen
  • The name and address on your utility bill must match the name and address on your Bitbuy profile

1) Photo of Government Issued ID

  • Passport or driver's license 
  • No health cards
  • The entire ID must be visible, with no modifications or obstructions
  • To see a full list of acceptable IDs, please click here and refer to table 4

2) Selfie with your ID

  • Your face clearly visible
  • Holding the same ID you submitted 
  • Holding a piece of paper with "For Bitbuy Use Only" and today's date written on it
  • Your ID must be clearly visible with nothing being blocked/obstructed

And 1 of the following 2 documents

3) Financial Statement (from the past 3 months)

Any of the following:

  • Credit card statement
  • Bank statement
  • Loan account statement (Ex. mortgage)


4) Utility Bill (from the past 3 months)

Any of the following:

  • Utility bill (electricity, water, internet, phone)
  • A statement issued by a Canadian government body 
    • CPP statement
    • Property tax assessment issued by a municipality
    • Provincially-issued vehicle registration
  • Benefits statement 
  • CRA documents
    • Notice of assessment
    • Requirement to pay notice
    • GST refund letter
    • Installment reminder/receipt
  • T4 statement

You will receive a response from us via email as soon as possible, however wait times may extend to several business days.


What documents you'll need for Business Verification 

1) Business Disclosure Form

This document is provided upon getting to the business documents phase of the onboarding process:

  • All fields marked with a red asterisk must be completed 
  • If there is a shareholder, director, or accessor to the account, you will need to provide the following:
      • Their full name 
      • Phone number 
      • Home address
      • Date of birth
  • Be as thorough as possible and complete all the fields that are applicable 

2) Business Proof of Address

Either of the following:

  • A business bank statement
      • Issued within the last 3 months 
      • No redacted information
      • Business name matches bank account name 
  • A business Canada Revenue Agency document 
      • Issued within the last 1 year 
      • No redacted information 
      • Business name matches name on CRA document

3) Articles of Incorporation

  • Must have all pages 
  • Must contain your date of incorporation
  • Must contain your business number  

If you are having an issue getting your business onboarded please create a support ticket for the business onboarding team here.

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