How can I find my transaction information for tax reporting?

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With our new reporting feature, Bitbuy customers can generate and download yearly reports for the activity in their Bitbuy account.

To access your reports, log in to Bitbuy, and click on your name in the top right corner under "Profile". Scroll down to "Reports" and you’ll see five options to choose between. These include Monthly Statement, All Transactions, Trades, Crypto Transactions, and Fiat Transactions (CAD).  Simply click "Get Report" for the file type and month or year you would like, and a report will generate. Note that we now offer exports in Koinly format!

You can either provide these reports to a tax professional or account or upload them to quick books or another personal tax software. For more information on how to calculate gains and losses on commodities trades in Canada please refer to this article.

Keep in mind that these reports only provide your transactions associated with your Bitbuy account. If you used other exchanges either concurrently with Bitbuy or prior to using Bitbuy you must download similar reports from them.

Click here to read Bitbuy's full 2022 crypto tax guide for Canadians.

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