My account was migrated to Bitbuy - now what?

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If you previously had an active (in good standing) account at Coinberry, Coinsmart, Bitvo or Bitstamp, your account was likely migrated to Bitbuy. 

What this means is that a Bitbuy account was created where your personal information and holdings were transferred - your account wasn't merged into an existing Bitbuy account, nor is it necessary for you to create a new one on your own.

How do I access my account?

Simply go to the web app login portal and use the same email address that was associated with your Coinberry/Coinsmart/Bitvo/Bitstamp account.

Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 10.11.57.png

If this is the first time logging into your new Bitbuy account, you must prompt a fresh password reset link by entering your email address here.

What is my 2FA method?

In order to log into your account, or to reset your account password, a 2fa code must be entered.

Migrated From: 2FA  Method:
Coinberry SMS*
Coinsmart Google Authenticator
Bitvo SMS*
Bitstamp SMS*

Coinberry, Bitvo and Bitstamp users: Your 2FA codes will be sent via SMS to the phone number on file.

Coinsmart users: Your 2FA method is Google Authenticator, so you should be able to open your Google Authenticator app, view the Coinsmart code and use it as your 2fa method for your newly-created Bitbuy account.

If your phone number has recently changed, or if you require your 2FA method to be reset, click here for information on next steps.

*Once you're logged into your Bitbuy account we recommend upgrading your 2FA method to Google Authenticator.

Where are my holdings?

If you've logged into your account and do not see your crypto/CAD holdings, you are likely logged into the wrong account.

Make sure you're logged out, then go to the login page and enter your email address. Momentarily you should see the option to pick which account you want to access (see screenshot above). You may need to click outside of the username field in order to see the radio buttons appear.

Once logged into the right account you should be able to see your holdings.

Note that since being migrated to Bitbuy your crypto account deposit wallet addresses have changed. Click here for more information. If you've already accidentally sent crypto to an old wallet address (from before your account was migrated to Bitbuy) please get in touch with us here and include the transaction hash in your help request.




Our recent transition to CCML will not affect your migrated account. Please read here for more information on the transition.


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