Buying Crypto With Your Credit Card

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Please note that this feature is currently only available via your web browser - this is not yet available in our Android or iOS apps.


Bitbuy is proud to offer you the ability to purchase BTC, ETH and USDC using your credit card!


IMPORTANT - Please ensure you understand the following before using your credit card to purchase cryptocurrency:

  • The cryptocurrency you purchase will be automatically transferred to your Bitbuy wallet address as a deposit
  • Your credit card statement will show 'Simplex' as the merchant for this transaction
  • For purchases over $1,000 USD equivalent, Simplex may ask you a few questions to verify your identity, including uploading images of the front and back of your ID
  • A processing fee of 6.5% will be automatically factored into the purchase transaction
  • Some credit card providers may consider this purchase a cash advance, which can result in additional fees. We suggest confirming the charge type with your credit card provider (merchant code 6051)
  • This feature can only be used to place market orders

To start, head over to your 'Accounts' page and click 'Buy with credit card':


Enter either the amount of BTC/ETH/USDC you want to purchase, or the CAD equivalent of your desired cryptocurrency and click 'Continue':


Enter your credit card information - we accept Visa and Mastercard - agree to the terms and click 'Next':

Screen_Shot_2022-06-30_at_11.45.19.png Screen_Shot_2022-06-30_at_11.45.33.png


You'll be shown your order summary and will be prompted to enter the billing details for the credit card account as well as the email, phone number and date of birth for the cardholder.

Click 'Pay now' to complete the purchase. You'll be emailed the purchase details and the crypto will be automatically deposited to your Bitbuy wallet address.


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