Trouble Receiving the SMS Verification Code

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There are a few reasons why you may not be able to receive the 2FA SMS (text message) verification code that you're expecting. As an initial troubleshooting step, please check your cellular connection.

  • The code is sent in an SMS (text message), which can only be received when your phone is connected to a cellular network.
  • The SMS code will not be received if your phone is ONLY connected to Wifi/the Internet.
  • The SMS code will not be received if your phone has no service or is on airplane mode.

Also, check if the phone number that sends the SMS codes has been blocked:

  • If you block phone numbers that are not saved in your contacts, or if it's possible that you accidentally blocked our phone number, we recommend that you check your phone settings to unblock the phone number: 28849


If you're not receiving SMS codes at all after following the steps above (ie. you are unable to log into your Bitbuy account because you aren't receiving the code), please let us know by getting in touch with our team. If you've recently changed phone carriers, please be sure to include this piece of information in your message to us. We'll get back to you ASAP.


If you are able to log into your Bitbuy account after using the 2FA code sent to you via SMS, but are unable to perform other actions that require 2FA (such as withdrawals), please try the following steps to see if this resolves the issue:

  • Log out of Bitbuy and clear your browser's cache and cookies
  • Then, please log back in and wait 10-15 minutes between logging in and performing your next action (a cool-down period) to see if the SMS code is received?

If following those steps still doesn't resolve things, you may consider switching your 2FA method to Google Authenticator or Authy by following the steps here.

If SMS is your only means of 2FA, please get in touch with our team and let us know the following:

  • Have you recently changed phone providers?
  • Can you confirm what type of currency you are trying to withdraw? (CAD, BTC, LINK, etc.)
  • What type of device, operating system and browser are you using? (PC+Windows and Edge, Mac+Monterey and Chrome, etc.)

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