Why is my verification taking so long?

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One of the most common reasons for verifications taking longer than expected would be submitting documents that do not meet our requirements. You can get an in-depth breakdown of exactly what is required here.

We pride ourselves on our full cooperation with regulatory requirements, which is why we are able to offer our services in all provinces across Canada. It is important to note that the requirements for documents are based on regulatory requirements and are not set by us.

For the best onboarding experience please ensure that when submitting verification documents that you follow these three guidelines as you will greatly increase your chance of being onboarded as quickly as possible: 

  • All pages of the document are provided
  • The documents are clearly visible with no redacted information 
  • You have uploaded the specific/correct document requested 

If you are having issues with your verification and would like some assistance setting your account up, please submit a support ticket and our team will happily assist you as soon as possible. 


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