How long does it take to get verified?

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Most Bitbuy accounts are verified within minutes, through our automated verification or Express Verification process. If that's not the case for you, here is some more information on what to expect.

Personal Accounts

Personal Bitbuy accounts can be verified in a few ways. If your Bitbuy account does not qualify for automated verification or Express Verification, you can get manually verified by our team by uploading documents. In most cases, you can expect manual verification to be completed within 24 hours of submitting your verification documents.

Please ensure that the verification documents that you upload meet our requirements, as we must follow strict regulatory obligations guidelines for identity verification. In the event that your verification documents do not meet our requirements, please check your email inbox for an update from our verification team, and you can then re-upload your documents through our platform.

You can view the document requirements here.


Business Accounts

While most business accounts are verified within 48 hours, business account verification can vary due to the different types of businesses that exist. Factors that can affect your account onboarding can be business structure/complexity and industry of operation. 

Important: All business accounts must first pass through a personal verification process first. More information on the business onboarding process can be found here








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