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What is

Passiv is a portfolio management tool that makes it easier for DIY investors to maintain a balanced portfolio and build a passive investment strategy. It eliminates the need to use spreadsheets and helps you stick to your portfolio’s target allocation. 

Please note that Passiv is not a robo-advisor - it won’t tell you what you should invest in, so you’ll need to decide that yourself, either through self-education or alongside a financial advisor. Passiv is also not an algorithmic trading platform.


How do I connect my Bitbuy account to my Passiv account?

For help connecting your Bitbuy account to your Passiv account, please click here.

Please note that you will need to enable API access for your Bitbuy account. To do so, please email stating that you are requesting API access to connect to Passiv.

Important: Bitbuy is not responsible for any actions taken on your account via Passiv account connection. By connecting your Bitbuy account to Passiv, the Passiv platform will have permission to buy, sell or withdraw crypto on your account.


Is Passiv Safe?

  • All information is encrypted
  • Passiv never has access to your account credentials or personal information
  • Passiv is GDPR compliant and will never share your financial data with third parties
  • For more information on Passiv's security measures, please click here

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