How do I sign up for a business account?

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Follow these 4 steps to complete and setup a Bitbuy business account:

  1. Sign up with your business email and phone number
  2. Complete personal identity verification
  3. Complete business verification
  4. Complete Risk Profile questions to start trading

1. Sign up

In order to get set up with a business account simply go to the sign-up page and select "Business Account"

**IMPORTANT: If you have a personal account. you can use the same mobile phone number, but you will need to use a different email address.**



2. Complete Personal Identity Verification

The next step is to go through personal KYC verification before you can begin business onboarding. For more info. on how to get personal KYC done, please refer to this article

3. Complete Business Verification

You will then need to upload our business disclosure form along with the following documents: 
1. Articles of Incorporation
2. Business Proof of Address (ie Bank/ Credit Card Statement OR CRA Document) 
3. Shareholder Register (If applicable)
4. List of Directors (If applicable)
**IMPORTANT: For information on document requirements, please see this article. All documents have specific requirements that must be met in order to continue**

4. Complete Risk and Financial Profile

As required by Canadian regulations, we must ask you a few questions about your risk profile and financial profile in order to start trading. Your answers will be assessed to determine if investing in cryptocurrencies are suitable for you based on your risk tolerance, investment objectives, investment knowledge, and time horizon for your investments, as well as your financial situation to establish appropriate net purchase limits.

Please Note:
  • We can only accept electronic documents, meaning the original e-bill/e-statement that is directly downloaded from your provider's website
  • The documents you provide us must be authentic, valid (no older than 3 months) or if billed annually must be from the most previous year, with no obstructions or modifications (all four corners) 
  • The documents cannot be a screenshot or photo of a screen
  • Please note any actions involving funding/withdrawing must be done in Canadian dollars the business' bank account from a Canadian bank
  • Business onboarding can typically take 5 business days and once your Bitbuy account has been approved as a business account, any actions involving funding/withdrawing must be done in Canadian dollars the business' bank account from a Canadian bank

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