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Cryptocurrency deposits made to your wallet address will be automatically credited to your account after a certain number of confirmations on the blockchain.

The time it takes for the confirmations to occur is different for each blockchain and is out of Bitbuy's control.

Bitbuy's Confirmation Requirements

Cryptocurrency  Confirmations Required    Estimated Time* 
Bitcoin (BTC) 3 30 to 60 minutes
Ethereum (ETH) 12 5 minutes
Litecoin (LTC) 6 15 to 20 minutes
 Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCH)  6 60 minutes
Ripple (XRP) N/A Near Instant
Stellar (XLM) N/A Near Instant 
 EOS  N/A   Near Instant
Dai (DAI) 12  5 minutes

*Please note that these times are just estimates, and can vary based on the activity of the network. The time estimates assume that your deposit was sent with an average fee. If your deposit was sent with a below-average fee, it may take much longer to confirm based on the activity of the network.

Please allow for the required amount of confirmations to occur before inquiring about a pending deposit. If you have reason to believe that your cryptocurrency deposit is not being credited to your account after the required number of confirmations, please email with more details. 

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