How do I change my phone number?

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If you no longer have access to the phone number linked to your Bitbuy account:

Please follow the steps below to have your phone number updated by a member of our support staff.


In order to update your phone number, please get in touch with us with the following:

1. Your new phone number 

  • Must be a valid North American mobile phone number (+1 country code) 
  • Please note that the 2FA code cannot be sent to a landline phone, email address, or VOIP number. 

2.  One of the two following documents: 

  • A recent mobile phone bill for the new phone number, with your name and address that match your Bitbuy account (Must be the original document/no screenshots or redactions, along with no modifications or obstructions)
  • A picture of yourself (with your face shown) holding both your Canadian photo ID and a piece of paper with "For Bitbuy use only" and today's date written on it

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