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What you'll need if your account does not pass our automated verification process

As Bitbuy is a registered money service business in Canada, we require the 4 following documents from you if your account does not pass our automated verification process. 

Please Note:

  • We can only accept electronic documents, meaning the original e-bill/e-statement that is directly downloaded from your provider's website
  • The documents you provide us must be authentic, valid, and current, with no obstructions or modifications
  • The documents cannot be a screenshot or photo of a screen
  • The name and address on your utility bill must match the name and address on your Bitbuy profile

1) Financial Statement 

Any of the following:

  • Credit card statement
  • Bank statement
  • Loan account statement (Ex. mortgage)

2) Utility Bill

Any of the following:

  • Utility bill (electricity, water, internet, phone)
  • A statement issued by a Canadian government body 
    • CPP statement
    • Property tax assessment issued by a municipality
    • Provincially-issued vehicle registration
  • Benefits statement 
  • CRA documents
    • Notice of assessment
    • Requirement to pay notice
    • GST refund letter
    • Installment reminder/receipt
  • T4 statement

3) Photo of Government Issued ID

  • Passport or driver's license 
  • No health cards
  • The entire ID must be visible, with no modifications or obstructions
  • To see a full list of acceptable IDs, please click here and refer to table 4

4) Selfie with your ID

  • Your face clearly visible
  • Holding the same ID you submitted 
  • Holding a piece of paper with "For Bitbuy Use Only" and today's date written on it
  • Your ID must be clearly visible with nothing being blocked/obstructed

You will receive a response from us via email within 1-2 business days of submitting your documents. If you do not hear from us within that timeframe, please check your junk/spam folder. If there is nothing there, please follow up with us by contacting


NEW: 1-on-1 support with Account Verification

Need assistance with the verification process? Our verification team is here to help. Please book a meeting below and a Bitbuy representative will call the phone number linked to your Bitbuy account at your selected time.

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