How do I sign up for a Bitbuy account?

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Follow these steps to create your Bitbuy account

  1. Start out by clicking here:
  2. Enter your email address that only you have access to
  3. On the next step, choose a strong password
  4. Choose a unique username
  5. Enter a referral code if you have one (this is optional)
  6. After you have submitted your information, we will send you an email to confirm your email address
  7. After you have confirmed your email address, you will be directed to a page to confirm your phone number
  8. Enter a valid North American mobile phone number (+1 country code) and confirm your phone number by entering the SMS code that gets sent to your phone

From here, you'll need to enter some personal information in order for us to verify your identity through our automated third-party identity verification service. 

If your identity was not automatically verified, please click here for more information on the verification documents you will need to submit.

Once your identity has been verified, we are required by Canadian regulations to ask you a few questions about your risk profile and financial profile in order to start trading. Your answers will be assessed to determine if investing in cryptocurrencies are suitable for you based on your risk tolerance, investment objectives, investment knowledge, and time horizon for your investments, as well as your financial situation to establish appropriate net purchase limits.


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