How do I fund my Bitbuy account via bank wire?

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Funding your Bitbuy account via bank wire transfer

A bank wire is an electronic transfer, executed from bank account to bank account by your financial institution. This method will require you to physically go to your bank branch to complete, and is ideal for amounts greater than $10,000 CAD.

*Please note that you must complete the Financial Questionnaire for your Bitbuy account before a wire deposit can be completed.


1) From your 'Accounts' page, please click on the orange 'Deposit' button shown at the top of the screen


2) Select 'Deposit CAD with Wire Transfer' from the pop-up that appears


3) Complete your funding request

Review the instructions at the top of the page. Find your bank name in the menu and input the amount of money you are looking to deposit. Click ‘Create a Request’ when you are ready to submit your funding request

4) Once your Wire request is created, Wire Transfer Instructions will be available to download on the next page

Download the wire transfer details by clicking on ‘Download Instructions’ Once you have the wire instructions you can complete your wire transaction at your bank branch. 


5) Send your bank wire

Once you have the wire instructions you can complete your wire transaction at your bank branch. 


6) Upload your Wire Receipt 

Upload your wire receipt by following steps 1 & 2 above, and then click ‘Select File’ under the Receipt column in the Wire Transfer Information section. This will prompt you to upload the correct document from your computer. Once uploaded, we will review and process your transfer. Please allow 2-3 business days for this process to be completed.


It is important that you upload a clear and unredacted copy of your wire receipt. Documents with modifications or blurred information will not be accepted. Please be advised that your wire transfer will not be processed until your receipt is uploaded to your Bitbuy account for review.

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