How do I cancel an open limit order?

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You can cancel open orders from the Bitbuy mobile app or from the Bitbuy Pro menu

How to cancel a Limit Order on the Bitbuy mobile app:


  1. Click on 'History' in the top right of the screen
  2. Under 'Orders', click on 'Filled' and change the filter to 'Open'
  3. Locate the open order and click on 'Cancel'

How to cancel a Limit Order on Bitbuy Pro:

  1. From the Bitbuy Account Screen, navigate to Bitbuy Pro
  2. All active orders are listed in the 'My Orders' window on the bottom right of the screen
  3. Cancel an open order by clicking the 'cancel' button next to the respective order. Note: if you are not seeing an active order, please ensure that you are currently have 'open' selected in the My Orders window, that you are in the correct pro trade market (BTC-CAD, ETH-CAD, etc.) or have 'All-markets' selected in the My Orders window. 


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