Why has my cryptocurrency withdrawal been rejected?

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Reasons your cryptocurrency withdrawal has a status of 'Rejected'

If your cryptocurrency withdrawal has a status of 'Rejected', the withdrawal has been cancelled and returned to your account balances. No fee have been deducted.

 A cryptocurrency withdrawal can be rejected for the following reasons:
  • An invalid wallet address, or missing destination tag/memo ID, was submitted in the withdrawal request
  • The wallet address submitted has been flagged by our system as high risk 
  • The withdrawal was sent to another Bitbuy user
We ask that you review the following before resubmitting a new withdrawal request:
  • Ensure that the destination wallet address belongs to you OR a person/entity that you trust
  • Ensure that you only send cryptocurrency to a like-kind wallet, ie. only send BTC to a BTC wallet, ETH to an ETH wallet
  • Always copy and paste the wallet address, and double-check the pasted wallet addresses to ensure that the intended wallet address was copied
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible and cannot be canceled, reversed, or recovered by Bitbuy once they have been sent out of your account
  • Information related to the "Travel rule" requirement was mismatched

If you are unsure why your cryptocurrency withdrawal has been rejected, please get in touch with us with the details of the withdrawal and we will look into it further for you.

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