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What is my reserved balance?

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Why your balance has been moved from 'Available' to 'Reserved' 

Performing certain actions on Bitbuy can cause a portion of your available balance to be moved to your reserved balance.

You will see your balance move to your reserve balance for the following reasons:


1. Submitting a limit order

After submitting a limit order on Bitbuy Pro, you will see the portion of your balance that is currently committed to that limit order move to your reserved balance. When the limit order has been filled, you will see your balances updated to reflect the results of the trade.

If you wish to move what is being held in your reserve balance to your available balance, you can cancel any open limit orders you have.


2. Submitting a cryptocurrency deposit or withdrawal 

All cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals with a status of 'Pending' or 'In Progress' will remain in your reserved balance until the withdrawal has been marked as 'Completed'.  The deposit or withdrawal will be marked as 'Completed' and removed from your reserve balance when the required number of confirmations on the blockchain has been met. You can view the number of confirmations required below.

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