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What to do if you are not getting the 2FA code sent to your cell phone

1. Click the 'Resend Code' button 

  • If you have not received your 2FA code, click the 'Resend Code' button to receive it. 

2. Check your cellular connection

  • The code is sent in an SMS (text message), which can only be received when your phone is connected to a cellular network.
  • The SMS code will not be received if your phone is ONLY connected to Wifi/the Internet.
  • The SMS code will not be received if your phone has no service or is on airplane mode.

3. Must be a North American mobile phone number

  • The SMS code can only be sent to a North American mobile phone number (+1 country code).
  • The SMS code cannot be sent to a landline.
  • Unfortunately, users who do not have North American (+1 country code) cell phone numbers are not eligible to use Bitbuy.

4. Your phone number was recently moved to a new carrier

If you have recently changed to a new mobile carrier but you have kept your existing phone number, this can cause issues with the SMS code being received. If this is the case for you, please email support@bitbuy.ca and let us know.


5. The phone number that sends the SMS codes has been blocked

If you have unsubscribed your phone number from receiving the SMS codes, please send a text message with the word 'START' to the last phone number you received the SMS code from.

Additionally, if you block phone numbers that are not saved in your contacts, or think that you have may have accidentally blocked our phone number, we recommend that you check your phone settings to unblock the phone number.


Prefer to switch to Google Authenticator? Click here for instructions. 

Need more help? Please email support@bitbuy.ca

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