How do I fund my Bitbuy account via bank wire?

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Funding your Bitbuy account via bank wire transfer

A bank wire is an electronic transfer, executed from bank account to bank account by your financial institution. This method will require you to physically go to your bank branch to complete and is ideal for amounts greater than $20,000 CAD.

1) Start your funding request

Sign in to your Bitbuy account and click on 'Add Funds'.



2) Choose your funding method

Select 'Bank Wire'.



3) Complete your funding request

Enter your bank name and the amount of money you are looking to deposit. Click 'Next' when you are ready to submit your funding request.


4) Send your bank wire

Your Bitbuy account manager will reach out to you with the bank wire details so that you can complete the transaction at your bank branch.


5) Send photo/scan of your bank wire receipt

After your bank wire has been sent, send a photo or scan of the wire confirmation/receipt to your Bitbuy account manager. You will get an email confirmation when your deposit has been credited to your Bitbuy account.


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