How can I find my digital currency address?




  • Seva Lapsha

    Re: "For Coins Deposits: You do not have a address to send coins to.  Coin deposits over 1BTC in value can be accommodated using our concierge service."

    1. What is "your concierge service"? Search yields no results:

    2. How coin deposits below 1BTC can be accommodated?



  • Paul Dubois

    24 Days and the above question has not been answered? If I can’t send digital currencies here to sell then this place is useless to me. 

  • Bitbuy Support

    Hi all,

    Our concierge service details can be found at

    We can take coin deposits manually above $5,000 CAD. Please reach out via email to and we can send you full instructions on how to send.


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