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How do I make a Canadian Dollar Withdrawal using Bank Wire Transfer?

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You can now withdraw Canadian Dollars from your account using wire transfer! The minimum withdrawal amount using a wire transfer is $10,000 CAD.

Here are the instructions to make a bank wire withdrawal from your Bitbuy account:

How to Initiate the Withdrawal (Mobile)

  1. Sign into your account. Select the More tab then click Withdraw.
  2. Select the balance for Canadian Dollars then choose the Wire Transfer withdrawal method on the next page to continue.
Withdrawal flow.png

How to Initiate the Withdrawal (Web)

  1. Sign into your account. Navigate to the Withdraw page and select “Withdraw” next to your Canadian dollar balance.
  2. Select the Wire Transfer withdrawal method on the next page to continue. 

Step 1 — Input the Amount 

First, you will be asked how much you would like to withdraw from your available balance. Remember that wire withdrawals require a minimum of $10,000 in order to continue. You will also be informed of the expected fee on this page. For more on fees, refer to this article!

Choose your amount to proceed to the next step.

Step 2 --- Choose Your Bank Account

Next, you will select the bank account that will serve as the destination for your withdrawal. From this page you can choose an account that has already been linked or you may add another using Add Bank Account

For instructions on how to add a bank account for direct fund transfers, please check out this helpful article

Step 3 --- Adding your Branch Address

Please keep in mind that part of adding a new account is adding a Bank Address. This is the address of the home branch associated with your bank account. You should be able to locate this information on your bank statement, wire transfer receipt, or similar documents. This address must match your bank records for the process to be successful. 

Select Update bank address to fill out and save these details. Click Continue to proceed. 

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Step 4 — Final Confirmation 

Once you arrive at the last step, please enter the 2FA code from your authenticator app when prompted. If 2FA is not enabled, you will receive an SMS with the code to your phone number on file.

Ensure that you review the details of the transfer before finalizing your request. By continuing, you agree that the details are correct and valid. 


Funding Timeline

After completing the process, your request will then undergo review before being approved. Wire transfers can take 1 - 2 days to process so be sure to check the Activity section to stay up-to-date on the status of your request! 

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