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How To Use the Order Book

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One of the main differences between Bitbuy Pro and Bitbuy Trade is the Order Book. With an order book, you can see the current state of the market for the asset you are trading – where other traders have placed buy and sell orders, and for what quantity of assets.

The order book is split between two charts for any pair. On the left side, in green, are all the orders to buy a given cryptocurrency asset. On the right side, in red, are all the orders to sell the asset. When a buy order and a sell order are at the same price, a match is found, and the trade executes. 

How to Read the Order Book Columns 

The order book has 3 columns:

  1. Bid Price/Ask Price = This column lists the Canadian Dollar prices at which traders have placed orders.
  2. Bid Size/Ask Size = This column lists the quantity of assets that are available at the price in the first column. The size column will always be denominated in the asset. For example, at the price of $39,881 CAD, a total of 0.0083 BTC is on the buy order book.
  3. Bid Total/Ask Total = This column lists the aggregated total size of all orders up to a given point in the order book. It shows the total available quantity of an asset that is available at various prices. (CAD). For example, in the screenshot below, the order book lists a total of 4.5048 BTC available to buy.

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