How We Safeguard Your Staked Assets

Bitbuy staking is done in partnership with BitGo, a US regulated crypto custodian and blockchain infrastructure provider often known as the “The Gold Standard for Custody”.

When you stake with us, your assets remain in a cold wallet with our qualified custodian. Cold wallets represent the most secure method of storing digital assets. Private keys are generated offline and are never exposed to an online network, reducing risk. Cold wallets are also secured using a multi-signature technology, eliminating single-point-of-failure risks that accompany single-key systems.

When you stake with Bitbuy, your assets are not loaned out to counterparties, and the yield comes directly from the protocol issuance of new coins. Your assets are always held at a 1:1 ratio, you can see our latest Proof-of-Reserves audit here.

Our validators are operated by Figment, known for their institutional grade infrastructure and best in class DevOps and Engineering teams.

Bitbuy is also the first TSX-listed company to be given regulatory approval to offer staking. We are regulated by the OSC as the first Canadian registered marketplace for crypto assets. These are high bars for transparency which differentiate us from the unregulated offerings in the industry.

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